Gain Perspective

Modern audio engineers are overwhelmed with responsibilities. With many engineers being involved with the recording, editing, mixing, and even mastering of the same song, it’s no wonder why many lose perspective.

If your mix isn’t translating, you don’t know if you’re ready for mastering, or you just want a second set of ears, my mix assessment will help you get the feedback you need. Find out what’s holding your mix back and gain the confidence to move forward.


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Where It BEgan

My name is Shah and I have been mixing and mastering music for over 10 years. I’ve found success in this profession by building lifelong relationships with my clients and continually exceeding their expectations.

I developed this mix assessment as a way to help my mastering clients dial in their mixes before sending them to me. Implementing this into my mastering service elevated the quality of their mixes exponentially. It was so well received that I’ve decided to offer mix assessments as a standalone service.

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Max Peak: -3 dB
Mix Buss: Minimal Processing
Limiter: Off



File Format: WAV or AIFF
Bit Depth/Sample Rate: Unchanged
Dither: None



Use this naming convention:
Song Name (BPM)
Zip file before sending.

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